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How to create a real-time Face Detector
using Python, TensorFlow/Keras and OpenCVReal-time Face Detector. Not_me — photo by Simon Robben ...

Stop Hardcoding Sensitive Data in Your Python Applications
Keep your settings and credentials private with .env filesContinue reading on Towards Data ...

tiangolo / sqlmodel
SQL databases in Python, designed for simplicity, compatibility, and robustness.

What’s Destroying My Yard? Pest Detection With Raspberry Pi

Flask project setup: TDD, Docker, Postgres and more - Part 1
There are tons of tutorials on Internet that tech you how to use a web framework and how to create ...

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Django For Everybody

How to Generate Professional API Docs in Minutes from Docstrings
Producing high-quality API documentation can be made easy and intuitive. Supports Markdown and ...

Do You Hate How Slow Python Is? This Is How You Can Make It Run Faster!
Delegate the challenging tasks to another playerContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Why I Use Nim instead of Python for Data Processing

Clean architectures in Python: a step-by-step example
In 2015 I was introduced by my friend Roberto Ciatti to the concept of Clean Architecture, as it is ...

Structural pattern matching in Python 3.10

A Python Module for Maze Search Algorithms
Python Maze World pyamazeThe module pyamaze is created for the easy generation of random maze and ...

Python extension language using accelerators

Deploying python functions with Google Cloud Functions
Deploying python functions on Google Cloud FunctionsDeploying a python function was never ...

Delegation: composition and inheritance in object-oriented programming
Introduction¶Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a methodology that was introduced in the 60s, ...

Python behind the scenes #13: the GIL and its effects on Python multithreading
As you probably know, the GIL stands for the Global Interpreter Lock, and its job is to make the ...

A function decorator that rewrites the bytecode to enable goto in Python

Show HN: Logparser – Alternative to GoAccess Written in Python

Automating With Python
Learn how to use Python automation to perform common tasks. In this full course you will learn how to build the automation projects: Hacker News Headlines Emailer, TED Talk Downloader, Table Extractor from PDF, Automated Bulk Resume Parser, Image Type Converter and Building an Automated News Summarizer.

Writing a Geometric Solver in Python - Part 1: Modelling Constraints
A series covering how to implement a geometric solver in Python. The part 1 looks at how we might represent a set of geometric relationships in a class hierarchy and partially implement this for a `Point`object, and consider the developer experience.

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Lona - A web framework for responsive web apps in full python

Today I learnt, 0.02 is not equal to 0.02

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