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Python3 Tips For Reverse Engineers
Five tips to level up your reverse engineering with Python 3.

Mastering Web Scraping in Python: Avoid Blocking Like a Ninja
Master the best techniques for massive scale scraping. Avoid detection and scrape the web silently - from browser fingerprinting to bypassing state-of-the-art solutions.

Real-time face swap for PC streaming or video calls.

Building Jupyter notebook workflows with scrapbook
The scrapbook library allows you to save state inside the notebook file itself, making it easier to develop workflows using Jupyter notebooks.

Can GitHub Copilot Crack a Facebook Coding Interview?
Here’s how GitHub Copilot performs with coding interviews.

📖 Articles

How to Dockerize Django in 5 minutes
This tutorial will show you how to Dockerize a Django project in less than 5 minutes.

Simulating/Animating a Spinning Top Using Fundamental Laws of Physics
Learn how to simulate and animate a 3D spinning top by solving Lagrange's equations in python, and animating the spinning top in Matlab.

Launchpad now runs on Python 3!

K-means for Beginners
In this article, you will be learning how to implement k-means entirely from scratch and gain a strong understanding of the k-means algorithm.

NumPy views: saving memory, leaking memory, and subtle bugs

Python 3.10.0rc1 is available

Building a Django driver for Psycopg 3

The State of Python in 2021

Uniform Random Sampling of Strings from Context-Free Grammar

How Airbnb Built “Wall” to prevent data bugs
In this post we will outline the challenges we faced while adding a massive number of data checks (i.e. data quality, accuracy, completeness and anomaly checks) to prevent data bugs company-wide, and how that motivated us to build a new framework to easily add data checks at scale.

A Large-Scale Security-Oriented Static Analysis of Python Packages in PyPI
This paper examines various security issues in Python packages with static analysis. The dataset is based on a snapshot of all packages stored to the Python Package Index (PyPI). In total, over 197 thousand packages and over 749 thousand security issues are covered.

More Python Code Smells: Avoid These 7 Smelly Snags
These are 7 code smells to avoid + a bonus smell. The author describes each smell using a Python example and then shows you how to fix it. At the end of the video, there are few general tips to help you avoid introducing code smells in the first place in your design.

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