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💖 Most Popular

Python Tools to Try in 2021
The Python programming language is one of the most popular and in huge demand. It is free, has a ...

2nd Year Calculus, But in Python
This talk goes through all the formulas in 2nd year calculus and how to evaluate them symbolically in python with no pencil or paper required

Modern Python Developer's Toolkit

Dynamic scientific visualizations in the browser for Python users

New Features in Python 3.10
This talk covers some of the most interesting additions to Python - structural pattern matching, parenthesized context managers, more typing, and the new and improved error messages.

📖 Articles

Writing fast async HTTP requests in Python

Vaex – Faster Pandas Alternate in Python
Vaex Python is an alternative to the Pandas library that take less time to do computations on huge ...

Python is 1.3x faster by just adjusting some compiling options for libpython

Textual: A Python Text User Interface with Rich as the Renderer

Types in Python
A bird's view look to the Typing features in Python 3.x

Building a WebAuthn Click Farm — Are CAPTCHAs Obsolete?
How I built a click farm to “bypass” Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA killer with some cheap USB security keys, an Arduino, and a bit of python.

How to Create CRUD REST API with AWS Chalice
Learn how to build a book database API with AWS Chalice serverless technology.

Show HN: Gelidum – My Python library to freeze objects

Implement API Caching with Redis, Flask, and Docker [Step-By-Step]
You want your API to be faster, more consistent, and to reduce the requests to the server? — That’s where caching comes into play. This article shows you how to implement API Caching with Redis on Flask.

⚙️ Projects

Continuous integration for data science with pytest, Github Actions, and Hypervector
This guide outlines how you can build an automated check for a data science feature that runs every time a pull request is opened against the project, using the Python library pytest,  Github's continuous integration platform Actions, and Hypervector — an API for building data science test fixtures easily.

👾 Reddits

I made a simple chatbot using IBM's Watson Assistant and then connected it to a Flask webhook. I like IBM's Watson more than DialogFlow for making intuitive chatbots. Enjoy!

What is the difference between "is" and ==?

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