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Python is now the second most popular language in the world according to TIOBE. This is the highest position that Python reaches since 2001.

microsoft / recommenders
Best Practices on Recommendation Systems

A Concrete Introduction to Probability (Using Python) (Norvig, 2018)

Show HN: Monty, Mongo tinified. MongoDB implemented in Python

Why Python 4.0 might never arrive, according to its creator

📖 Articles

Open Vision API
Open source computer vision API based on open source models

Deploying a FastAPI backend using AWS Amplify Container-based REST APIs

The Correct Way to Overload Functions in Python
Were you taught that function overloading isn’t possible in Python? Here’s how you can do it with generic functions and multiple dispatch!

What is WSGI and Why Do You Need Gunicorn and Nginx in Django
In this article, we’re going to talk about WSGI, Gunicorn, and Nginx. We will discuss why ...

Rog3rSm1th / Profil3r
OSINT tool that allows you to find a person's accounts and emails + breached emails 🕵️

Listening to Satellites with my Raspberry Pi
Building a live dashboard with the help of a few hardware modules.

Writing a Jinja-inspired template library in Python
In this post we'll build a minimal text templating library in Python inspired by Jinja. It will be able to display variables and iterate over arrays.

Writing Pythonic Rust

wilsonfreitas / awesome-quant
A curated list of insanely awesome libraries, packages and resources for Quants (Quantitative Finance)

Increase performance via Range Fields in Django Querysets on PostgreSQL
A brief story from the database optimizations of a Django application that uses PostgreSQL

Per-visitor Data With Sessions

kovidgoyal / kitty
Cross-platform, fast, feature-rich, GPU based terminal

Why I Run Django on Kubernetes as a One-Man SaaS
When it comes to choice of tools there’s no holy grail, and there will always be tradeoffs to be ...

Why the sad face?
A post explaining one of the details of Black code style.

CyberPunkMetalHead / Binance-News-Sentiment-Bot
This is a fully functioning Binance trading bot that takes into account the news sentiment for the top 100 crypto feeds. If you like this project consider donating though the Brave browser to allow me to continuously improve the script.

How image search works at Dropbox
In this post we’ll describe the core idea behind our image content search method, based on techniques from machine learning, then discuss how we built a performant implementation on Dropbox’s existing search infrastructure.

Shrinking your Python application’s Docker image: an overview
In this article you’ll find an overview of the many techniques you can use to shrink your image, organized approximately by logical order packaging. The focus is on Python, though many of these techniques are more generic.

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