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120 Python Projects with Source Code
120 Python Projects with Source Code solved and explained for free.

Convert a Python Project to an Executable (.exe) File
How to convert .py to .exe using Auto PY to EXE

How I Tripled My Return on Bitcoin Using Mathematics, Algorithms, and Python
Using the Golden Line algorithm, I predicted Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum & Dogecoin price evolutions. Full Python code shared.

Build a Netflix API Miner With Python
A command-line app to retrieve Netflix show information

6 Best Python IDEs and Text Editors for Data Science Applications

📖 Articles

Implementing the Perceptron Neural Network with Python
First introduced by Rosenblatt in 1958, The Perceptron: A Probabilistic Model for Information ...

Create Python Games and Mobile Apps
In this Kivy tutorial, you will learn to create games and applications with Python for every platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android).

A complete Data Analysis workflow in Python and scikit-learn

How to make a python package?
If you are one of those python programmers, who are interested to implement things on one machine and use them on another machine without…

A Hitchhiker's Guide to SQLite with Python
To explore SQLite along with Python, we are going to build a simple tic-tac-toe game. So buckle up and get your machines ready!

The Reusable Python Logging Template For All Your Data Science Apps

A Swift Introduction To Probability Theory With Python

4 different approaches for Time Series Analysis

2 things that you have to know to become a master of python
The concept of python language. Higher order functions and Dictionaries are two whales of python

Multi-Tenancy in Django
Here's how we implemented multi-tenancy on a recent Python / Django app build. This article describes our approach, shares some code and compares it with an earlier project we did using a different method.

Django code review for dummies
After 2 years at an enterprise backup software firm, I finally took the plunge and joined a ...

Python Package CI/CD with GitHub Actions

Write Gitlab CI Pipelines in Python Code

4 Amazingly Useful Additions In Python 3.9

2 Tools to Automatically Reload when Python Files Change

Train all Classification or Regression models in one line of Python Code

Flip a Coin on a Real Quantum Computer in Python

TI-84 Plus CE Python Graphing Calculator

Batteries-Included Library for Application Authorization
Oso helps developers build authorization into their applications.

Idiomatic sequence slicing
This article covers the basics of sequence slicing in Python and teaches you some idiomatic slicing patterns to write more elegant code.


Data Hut™ — Open Source Project Directory

The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup

Fluent in Django: Get to know Django models better

PyTorch Developer Podcast
The PyTorch Developer Podcast is a place for the PyTorch dev team to do bite sized (10-20 min) topics about all sorts of internal development topics in PyTorch.

Windyquery: A non-blocking Python PostgreSQL query builder

The hidden performance overhead of Python C extensions

Python 3.8.10, 3.9.5, and 3.10.0b1

Django security releases issued: 3.2.1, 3.1.9, and 2.2.21

Pg8000 – Pure-Python PostgreSQL driver

Python vs. Common Lisp

3 uses for functools.partial in Django

From 2 weeks to 15 minutes — How we optimized playlist generation

Pyre: A performant type-checker for Python 3

Show HN: MPL Plotter – Python library to make technical plots more efficiently

OpenCV Tutorial - Develop Computer Vision Apps in the Cloud With Python
Learn how to use OpenCV in the cloud with Python. OpenCV is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision. You will learn how to create computer vision applications in the cloud on Google Colab. You will use AI and machine learning.

Why isn't Flask async
This talk will discuss the approaches taken in the past to support async/await in Flask, where they struggled, and the challenges in general. It will then show how inspiration has been taken from Django to introduce support in the upcoming Flask-2.0 release.

Python in Visual Studio Code – May 2021 Release
Pylance is now the default language server for Python and is bundled with the core Python extension as an optional extension starting with this release. Other notable updates are that we now have faster extension startup time and a new debugger feature: live reload for Python scripts.

⚙️ Projects

Python Data Collection Library.

AWS Auto Inventory allows you to quickly and easily generate inventory reports of your AWS resources.

One Stop Anomaly Shop: Anomaly detection using two-phase approach: (a) pre-labeling using statistics, Natural Language Processing and static rules; (b) anomaly scoring using supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

Shell scripts made simple.


Layout-Parser / layout-parser
A unified toolkit for Deep Learning Based Document Image Analysis

👾 Reddits

An alternative free and open source translation package that integrates multiple translators in one tool

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