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đź’– Most Popular

NumPy Basics Cheat Sheet (2021), Python for Data Science
The absolute basics for beginners learning…

All Machine Learning Algorithms & Models Explained
All Machine Learning Algorithms and Models…

22 Python Code Snippets for Everyday Problems
To Level up your coding skills

Blockchain from Scratch in Python Tutorial

How to process a DataFrame with millions of rows in seconds
Yet another Python library for Data…

đź“– Articles

10 Useful Python Snippets To Code Like a Pro
Useful tips and tricks that I use every day

Understand Time Series Components with Python
Basic concepts for…

How I calculated the 1,000,000th Fibonacci Number with Python

7 Best Python Libraries You Shouldn’t Miss in 2021

A Hands-On Demo of SQL vs. NoSQL Databases in Python
Impress your friends with SQLAlchemy and PyMongo

Simple Plotly Tutorials
Part 1: Creating Beautiful Animated Maps

4 Time-Saving Shortcuts for Python Programmers
Code on multiple lines, maintain proper scope, and more

Master Machine Learning: Decision Trees From Scratch With Python
Machine Learning can be easy and…

An Alternative to Python Dictionaries
Why you should use defaultdict in Python

11 Refactoring Patterns To Elevate Your Python Code
Let’s expand the definition of refactoring to…

Building My Own Chess Engine
Exploring the computational complexity of chess. Code snippets in Python so you can do the ...

Generating Text With Markov Chains
Generating random but familiar text by building Markov chains from ...

Python behind the scenes
Have you ever wondered what python does when you run one of your programs?

In Python, `[0xfor x in (1, 2, 3)]` returns `[15]`

Python 3 Types in the Wild: A Tale of Two Type Systems [pdf]

Marimekko Charts with Python’s Matplotlib
A great way to visualize grouped and segmented proportions

Computer Vision and Embroidery

Time Series Forecasting with PyCaret Regression Module

⚙️ Projects

oppia / oppia
A free, online learning platform to make quality education accessible for all.

ManimCommunity / manim
A community-maintained Python framework for creating mathematical animations.

lucidrains / big-sleep
A simple command line tool for text to image generation, using OpenAI's CLIP and a BigGAN. Technique was originally created by

sivel / speedtest-cli
Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using

lucidrains / deep-daze
Simple command line tool for text to image generation using OpenAI's CLIP and Siren (Implicit neural representation network). Technique was originally created by

đź‘ľ Reddits

[tutorial] How to host for free your Python app

RipTok a TikTok ripper

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