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đź’– Most Popular

AutoScraper and Flask: Create an API From Any Website in Less Than 5 Minutes
And with fewer than 20…

5 pro tips to grow your python skills as a data scientist or ML engineer

If you use Pandas, check out this GUI I made for viewing, plotting & modifying DataFrames

VS Code Setup For Data Science
A brief manual with everything you need to get started with VS Code for…

Loading large datasets in Pandas
Effectively using Chunking and SQL for reading large datasets in…

đź“– Articles

Python may die soon …

4 Books to Help You Become a Seasoned Python Programmer
A review of some of the best Python books

PandasGUI: Analyzing Pandas dataframes with a Graphical User Interface
Accessing Pandas Dataframes…

Ultimate Pandas Guide — Inspecting Data Like a Pro

Extracting tabular data from PDFs made easy with Camelot.
Extracting tables from PDFs doesn’t have to…

10 Of My Favorite Python Libraries For Data Analysis
A quick rundown of some great analytical packages…

Dependency injection made easy in Python

5 Steps to Converting Python Jobs to PySpark
Moving from Pandas to PySpark using Apache Arrow or Koalas

Building Your First Microservice
Ever wondered how does one build a microservice. In this article we…

7 Deadly Sins Python Developers Do
Clear your Python concepts to write better and error-free code

6 Best Dynamic Programming Courses for Coding Interviews

Incorporate the Best Practices for Python with These Top 4 VSCode Extensions
Why not Make Python’s…

Deploying a Simple UI for Python
Streamlit Sharing: A Python Project Game-changer

Let’s create a Chess AI

Data Augmentation in Medical Images
How to improve vision model…

Clean Code: 3 minutes for success in your career!

Boosting Python Scripts With Cython (Applied on Raspberry Pi)
Speed-up the Python code by thousands of…

Stress Tester For Competitive Programming

Deploying Streamlit apps using Streamlit sharing
A sneak peek into Streamlit’s new deployment platform

When DRY Doesn’t Work, Go WET
It’s okay if you repeat yourself

What the heck is gevent? (Part 1 of 4)

⚙️ Projects

microsoft / Bringing-Old-Photos-Back-to-Life
Bringing Old Photo Back to Life (CVPR 2020 oral)

Hari-Nagarajan / nvidia-bot
Tool to help us buy a GPU in 2020

đź‘ľ Reddits

Created a simple and useful file organizer

Program to easily search through thousands of papers

Yury Selivanov on Twitter: Python 3.10 will be up to 10% faster

The Ultimate Python Resource hub - Curated list of useful resources for all Python beginners

Writing clean code

Python trading bots

Made this tool with python and my son now hates me

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