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A List of 100+ Random Python (beginner and advanced) Project Ideas

Create Beautiful Architecture Diagrams with Python

The Ultimate NumPy Guide for Beginners.

Asabeneh / 30-Days-Of-Python
30 days of Python programming challenge is a step by step guide to learn Python programming language in 30 days.

20 Great Pandas Tricks For Data Science
20 Great Pandas tricks that you should use everyday

đź“– Articles

Practical Machine Learning Tutorial: Part.1 (Exploratory Data Analysis)
Multi-class Classification…

A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Conducting Sentiment Analysis
part 1: preprocessing text data

10 Underrated Python Skills
Up your Data Science game with these tips

Python has a Built-in Database — Here’s How to use it
How to utilize the built-in database for data…

You Don’t Need To Be A Mathematician To Master Quantum Computing
You’ll do great as a programmer

FastAPI has Ruined Flask Forever for Me
Why I prefer using FastAPI instead of Flask

10 Awesome Python 3.9 Features
The Must-Know Python 3.9 Features

Python is Slowly Losing its Charm
The Swiss Army Knife of Programming Languages…

Case Study: Processing Historical Weather Pattern Data
Introduction The main purpose of this blog is to show people how to use Python to solve real world ...

5 Useful Image Manipulation Techniques Using Python OpenCV
Leverage the OpenCV-Python library to get…

10 Data Engineering Practices to Ensure Data and Code Quality

Interactive Pivot Tables in Jupyter Notebook
Create interactive pivot table using PivotTable.js

K Nearest Neighbors (K-NN) with numpy

Meet the hardest functions of Pandas, Part I
Master the when and how of pivot_table(), stack()…

The Ultimate Python Guide for Beginners
Python is a popular programming language created by Guido van…

TabPy: Combining Python and Tableau
Getting started to start using Python in Tableau

Python Pandas Iterating a DataFrame
Learn the different ways that you can iterate a Pandas DataFrame…

Artificial Intelligence in Python
The article presents main building blocks in programming AI in Python and it is loosely based on my ...

Further Regression Algorithms
Table of Content 1 Introduction 2 Loading the libraries and the data 3 Linear Regression 4 ...

Why you should be analyzing your marketing campaigns with Python

What does Python Global Interpreter Lock – (GIL) do?
The Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) of Python allows only one thread to be executed at a time. It is ...

When to switch to Python 3.9
Python 3.9 is now available–but should you switch to it immediately? And if not now, when? The ...

GitHub Action That Automates Portfolio Generation
Dockerized GitHub Action using Python and Basic…

How I Maximize My Data Science Productivity: PyCharm + Anaconda + JupyterLab
How to head start your…

Pandas on the Cloud with Dask
Scaling your Pythonic data science and machine learning to the cloud…

The Do’s and Don’ts of Python List Comprehension
Write better Python without confusing your teammates

Classifying the Iris Data Set with PyTorch
In this short article we will have a look on how to use PyTorch with the Iris data set. We will ...

The Magic of Python Context Managers
Recipes for using and creating…

6 Ways of Applying a Function to Pandas DataFrame Rows

Ordered dict surprises
Since Python 3.6, regular dictionaries retain their insertion order: when you iterate over a dict, ...

Numba: JIT Compilation, But For Python
A quick look at a fantastic tool for making Python better in…

Have you tried Pylance for VS Code? If not, here’s why you…

⚙️ Projects

numpy / numpy
The fundamental package for scientific computing with Python.

đź‘ľ Reddits

Create a Screen Recorder in python

Python 3.9.0 final released

Python script to Crack Zip file Password with Brute force attack.

5 Hidden Python Features You Probably Never Heard Of

I made a program that gives me INFINITE STORAGE!

Here are some cool features of python 3.9

i wrote a python script which spams notifications, reminding you to drink water

Why isn't Cython more popular?

I am currently making a python version of the Processing language

I've created u/wikipedia_answer_bot

I've created u/wikipedia_answer_bot (Pt2)

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