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Stop Using Excel for Data Analytics: Upgrade to Python

How to Reduce the Size of Memory in Python?
An example illustrates the real possibilities for a…

Real-time data streaming using FastAPI and WebSockets
We have several options for real-time data streaming in web applications. We can use polling, ...

The Alternative to Web Scraping
The “lazy” programmer’s guide to faster, more efficient retrieval of…

Sktime: a Unified Python Library for Time Series Machine Learning
The “sklearn” for time series…

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Darts: Time Series Made Easy in Python

PyCaret: Better Machine Learning with Python
Alternative to Scikit-Learn for Machine Learning with…

The Most Elegant Python Object-Oriented Programming
Seamless converting between dictionary and objects…

Features You Likely Don’t Use in Python 3 — But You Should
It will allow you to write cleaner and more…

Regression with PyCaret: A better machine learning library
Let’s see just how easy it is to solve…

Massive memory overhead: Numbers in Python and how NumPy helps
Let’s say you want to store a list of integers in Python: list_of_numbers = [] for i in ...

R-CNN object detection with Keras, TensorFlow, and Deep Learning
In this tutorial, you will learn how to build an R-CNN object detector using Keras, ...

Too many objects: Reducing memory overhead from Python instances
Every time you create an instance of a class in Python, you are using up some ...

Keep Calm and Start Coding: How to Fight Coding Anxiety

Blink Detection using Python
Endless Application in a blink of an eye!­­­­

Music Genre Classification with Python
Music is like a mirror, and it tells people a lot about who you…

When Python meets Twitter: a simple script finds your tech community to follow

Evaluating Bayesian Mixed Models in R/Python
Learn what is meant by “posterior predictive checks” and…

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-07-12

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I've designed brand new cheatsheets (x2) and handouts (x3) for matplotlib

Started learning python today, Screw 'Hello World' , I'll start with 'Hello There'

I started my first big project 2 months ago. But since I won't be able to keep working on it this summer, I decided to share it with you guys right now. Here it comes, the physics simulator!

Concept Art: what might python look like in Japanese, without any English characters?

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