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đź’– Most Popular

Build a YouTube Downloader with Python
Learn to build a simple working YouTube downloader using Python…

How to Create Eye-Catching Maps With Python and
How to use this intuitive tool to simplify…

How to Collect Data from any Website
Learn about Simple Web-Scraping with Python

Web scraping with Python & BeautifulSoup
How to extract data from websites

Data Analysis in python: Getting started with pandas

đź“– Articles

Creating Photo Mosaics Using Python
A step-by-step tutorial to make your own beautiful images

Decorators in Python: Fundamentals for Data Scientists
Understand the basics with a concrete example!

Lambdas in Python — 4 Practical Examples

Python For Data Science — Advanced Guide to Plotly Dash Interactive Visualizations

Introduction to Datapane: A Python Library to Build Interactive Reports
Simple Framework to Create…

Abstract Base Classes in Python: Fundamentals for Data Scientists
Understand the basics with a…

JSON explained for Python users: Data Science Edition
Working with JSON data is inevitable — let’s…

Three Pandas Functions Every Data Engineer Who Uses Python Should Know
Using Pandas to wrangle data…

How to scrape ANY website with python and beautiful soup (part 1 of 2)
Python Beautiful soup tutorial…

5 Things to Know to Level Up Your Skills With Tuples in Python
Take advantage of this powerful data…

When Not to Use Lists in Python — 5 Alternatives to Consider
Let’s explore five alternatives

The online courses you must take to be a better Data Scientist
There are lots of them but… which ones…

R and Python Plotting in Google Sheets
Using Custom Google Sheets Functions to Improve Plots

Making quick decisions with confidence using Hypothesis Tests in Python
Identifying wrongly…

How to Use MultiIndex in Pandas to Level Up Your Analysis
An introduction to…

3 Algorithm Interview Questions For Data Science and Software Engineering in Python

The fastML Guide
Speed is an essential thing when working on a project as a Data Scientist, AI or ML…

I analyzed every book ever mentioned on Stack Overflow. Here are the most popular ones.

4 Coding Mistakes I Did When I Was Learning Python

How (NOT) To Predict Stock Prices With LSTMs
Stocks and Machine Learning — a combination made in…

Escribiendo código de alta calidad en Python (2020)

What Programmers Say vs. What They Actually Mean
Because working in a stressful environment surely…

Why I’m Coding with Emojis in Jupyter Notebooks
Some of you may think this is a sacrilegious idea. I…

Step-up Your RegEx Game in Python
Advanced text manipulation using Regular Expressions in Python

OpenCV Background Subtraction and Music in Background of Video

A growth marketer guide to designing A/B tests using python
3 essential steps to follow to increase…

Why doesn’t Python support i++ increment syntax
A brief discussion about why it doesn’t provide ++ as…

Business Intelligence meets Data Engineering with Emerging Technologies
How to make BI better with new…

What Learning Should Really Look Like

No More Waiting: Interactive Big Data Now
RAPIDS on DGX A100: Even Faster with Lower TCO

Gower’s Distance
One of the most important task while clustering the data is to decide what metric to…

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-06-28

⚙️ Projects

jina-ai / jina
Jina is the cloud-native neural search framework powered by state-of-the-art AI and deep learning

dabeaz-course / practical-python
Practical Python Programming (course by @dabeaz)

ianzhao05 / textshot
Python tool for grabbing text via screenshot

apache / incubator-superset
Apache Superset (incubating) is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application

joshiemoore / snakeware
A free Linux distro with a Python-based userspace

vaexio / vaex
Out-of-Core DataFrames for Python, ML, visualize and explore big tabular data at a billion rows per second 🚀

anandpawara / Real_Time_Image_Animation
The Project is real time application in opencv using first order model

facebookresearch / mmf
A modular framework for vision & language multimodal research from Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

đź‘ľ Reddits

A VS Code extension that displays the values of variables while you type

I made a hanged man game using turtle library

This beziez curve i've made

Here's a very simple Python wallpaper

I finished my Map Stylizer program! Repo in the comments

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