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Do Not Use “+” to Join Strings in Python
A comparison of the approaches for joining strings in Python…

Top 15 Python Packages You Must Try
A handpicked list of the most useful and surprising Python…

Your Ultimate Python Visualization Cheat-Sheet
This cheat-sheet contains the elements of a plot you…

How to Automate Your Emails With Python
Use the Gmail API to send scraped data to your email

7 Modern Python Mistakes To Fix NOW!
7 more mistakes commonly made in Python that shouldn’t be.

📖 Articles

Cash-flow Modelling with Python
A primer on super-fast financial modelling

Video: Setting Up Vim to Work with Python Applications
In this short video tutorial I demonstrate my Vim editor setup for working with Python ...

Adding Style to Pandas (in just a few lines of code!)
Making Your Dataframes (a lot!!) Prettier

5 Interesting Python Libraries
Have you ever think data visualisation can be in command-line?

How to Learn Data Science (Step-By-Step) in 2020
Trying to learn data science can be overwhelming, but this is a valuable skill to have in today's ...

Build your first Anomaly Detector in Power BI using PyCaret
A step-by-step tutorial for implementing…

Forget about Python. Learn COBOL and become a crisis hero
Why a programming…

Django Google Summer of Code Students 2020
For the 13th year, Django is participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC), a program focused on ...

Support Vector Machine

YouTube Series - Jay’s Intro to AI
Check out the first video in my new series introducing the general public to AI and machine ...

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-05-10

Variations on the Death of Python 2
On April 20th, 2020, a release manager named Benjamin Peterson smashed the “publish” ...

Finding secrets by decompiling Python bytecode in public repositories
Cache rules everything around me. pyc files can contain secrets and should not be checked in to source control. Use the standard Python .gitignore.

⚙️ Projects

alexgand / springer_free_books
Python script to download all Springer books released for free during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine

owid / covid-19-data
Data on COVID-19 confirmed cases, deaths, and tests • All countries • Updated daily by Our World in Data

saltstack / salt
Software to automate the management and configuration of any infrastructure or application at scale. Get access to the Salt software package repository here:

TheSpeedX / TBomb
This is a SMS And Call Bomber For Linux And Termux

zylo117 / Yet-Another-EfficientDet-Pytorch
The pytorch re-implement of the official efficientdet with SOTA performance in real time and pretrained weights.

alievk / avatarify
Avatars for Zoom, Skype and other video-conferencing apps.

senguptaumd / Background-Matting
Background Matting: The World is Your Green Screen

vt-vl-lab / 3d-photo-inpainting
[CVPR 2020] 3D Photography using Context-aware Layered Depth Inpainting

ifzhang / FairMOT
A simple baseline for one-shot multi-object tracking

lyhue1991 / eat_tensorflow2_in_30_days
Tensorflow2.0 🍎🍊 is delicious, just eat it! 😋😋

amontalenti / elements-of-python-style
Goes beyond PEP8 to discuss what makes Python code feel great. A Strunk & White for Python.

👾 Reddits

I'm developing a game with Python and Pygame!

With my limited knowledge in Python, I wrote a simple script to control my motorized microscope from a keyboard. All instructions are open-source. Just wanted to share with this community for possible comments and suggestions for further improvements.

Game type: Runner. Time to build: 2 days. Lines of code: 310. Game quality: 100,000,000. That's all the information you need.

I redesign the Python logo to make it more modern

I made this robust Instagram Bot that checks who’s not following you back, mass follows & unfollows people on your behalf at a safe rate for organic growth. This Bot imitates a human-like behavior by randomizing time between actions. Check comments.

Fourier Series Visualizer in pygame.

AI basketball analysis web App and API

I created my first app, "Timeglass", a simple, unobtrusive menu bar timer for macOS.

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