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8 Projects You Can Build to Learn Python in 2020
Hello guys, today, I am going to share some of the…

My Python Pandas Cheat Sheet
The pandas functions I use every day as a data scientist and software…

What Are Generators, Yields, and Streams in Python?
Intermediate Python

15 Python Libraries That A Data Scientist Need To Know
Data Gathering, Cleansing, Transforming…

Data Engineering 101: Writing Your First Pipeline
In Airflow and Luigi

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Unlock the 4 Mysteries of self in Python
Using self in Python

Using WSL to Build a Python Development Environment on Windows
Introduction In 2016, Microsoft launched Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) which brought robust ...

Python GUI with PyQT/PySide2
A look and guide at a popular GUI for your projects.

How to Use Decorators in Python, by example

Cyberpunk Style with Matplotlib

How to Compare Large Files
Learn how to use Python to compare big files

Walkthrough: Mapping GIS Data in Python
Improve your understanding of geospatial information through…

One Lambda to Rule Them All
A Python Adventure in AWS (Feat. API Gateway)

Are you using Python with APIs? Learn how to use a retry decorator!
Implementing a retry decorator can…

Concurrency in Python
3 ways to implement concurrency in your Python programs

Ideal Python environment setup for Data Science
Guide to setting up a Python environment to start off…

Classes in Python
Understanding Object Oriented Programming

Here’s A Bunch Of Awesome Project IdeasYou Can Start Coding Today
Practice your coding skills with…

Plotly Front to Back: Bar Charts & Line Charts
Let’s get the basics covered. Source code included.

The Top 4 Misuses of Lambdas in Python
Best practices for using Python lambdas

Debugging Jupyter Notebooks Will Boost Your Productivity
Increasing productivity in Jupyter notebooks…

Matplotlib for Data Visualization
What is data visualization? Human minds are more flexible and adaptable to the graphic ...

How long did it take you to learn Python?
Wait, don’t answer that. It doesn’t matter.Beginners seem to ask this question when ...

Top 3 Numpy Functions You Don’t Know About (Probably)
The ones not covered in every How-to Guide

Parallelism(and concurrency) in Node.js and Python and Golang and comparison them — Part 1

Machine learning for streaming data with creme
Online machine learning can change the way you think…

Autoencoders for Content-based Image Retrieval with Keras and TensorFlow
In this tutorial, you will learn how to use convolutional autoencoders to create a Content-based ...

10 Things You Should Know About Tuples in Python
Tuples are very handy to use in Python programming…

Text Mining Comments of “A Plan to Get America Back to Work
Economy, public health, coronavirus, NLP

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-03-29

Winning Solution of an Online Data Science Hackathon
Full code of my winning solution at Analytics…

Django bugfix releases issued: 3.0.5 and 2.2.12
Today we've issued 3.0.5 and 2.2.12 bugfix releases. The release package and checksums are ...

Using Markdown in Django
As developers, we rely on static analysis tools to check, lint and transform our code. We use ...

Automate These 3 (Boring!!) Excel Tasks with Python!
No More Opening Hundreds of Excel Files

⚙️ Projects

stanfordnlp / stanza
Official Stanford NLP Python Library for Many Human Languages

internetarchive / openlibrary
One webpage for every book ever published!

Netflix / dispatch
All of the ad-hoc things you're doing to manage incidents today, done for you, and much more!

zulip / zulip
Zulip server - powerful open source team chat

xuannianz / EfficientDet
EfficientDet (Scalable and Efficient Object Detection) implementation in Keras and Tensorflow

UKPLab / sentence-transformers
Sentence Embeddings with BERT & XLNet

đź‘ľ Reddits

I am just a beginner in programming. Today I have created my first ever project (Simple Calculator) with Python GUI Tkinter. Thank you for this great community for inspiring me so much.

[Beginner’s Guide] How to start programming in Python

I made a python script to download and save your favorite Facebook videos.

I made a program that allows you to download song cover arts from Spotify or Soundcloud and then embeds them to your MP3 files.

Maze Solver Visualizer - Dijkstra's algorithm (asynchronous neighbours)

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