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How to Scrape Multiple Pages of a Website Using a Python Web Scraper
Extracting data and ensuring…

A Complete Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Cleaning
Investing your time to thoroughly…

Detecting COVID-19 in X-ray images with Keras, TensorFlow, and Deep Learning
In this tutorial, you will learn how to automatically detect COVID-19 in a hand-created X-ray image ...

Learn How to (easily!!) do 3 Advanced Excel Tasks in Python
An Introduction to Pandas for Excel Power…

Best Machine Learning Books (Updated for 2020)
New year, new books! As I did last year, I've come up with the best recently-published titles on ...

đź“– Articles

Making Plots in Jupyter Notebook Beautiful & More Meaningful

Creating Synthwave with Matplotlib
Using Matplotlib the right way — creating retro Synthwave visuals

Can a Data Scientist Replace a DJ? Spotify Manipulation with Python
Using Spotify’s API to create and…

GIT Essentials for a Data Scientist

Top 3 Python Functions You Don’t Know About (Probably)
Cleaner Code and Fewer Loops? Count me in.

Stacks and Queues in Python
Learn 2 popular linear data structures.

Introduction to SQLAlchemy ORM for Django Developers
I always used Django at work and for my personal projects. But on the recent project at work I had ...

See the Coronavirus for Yourself
Don’t just take it from the news

Linked Lists in Python
Linked List Data Structures in Python

Can Python dataviz libraries repeat the Tableau worksheet?
My first impression from the Tableau usage…

10 Python Tricks and Scripts for Strings Transformation and Decomposing
Parse strings like a true…

A simple way to create python CLI app
An easy example of wrapping Machine Learning application to the…

What is the Merge Operator in Python?
A better way to combine dictionaries

Functional strategies in Python
I got into a debate about Python’s support for functional programming (FP) with a friend. ...

Lists in Python
Iteration and Filtering

5 Useful Resources for Beginners and Intermediates in Programming
Learn the A-Z of Programming and…

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-03-15

Against service layers in Django
Recently I’ve seen posts and questions pop up in a few places about a sort of ...

Quick and easy layout of django forms using django-crispy-forms and django-widget-tweaks
One of the first problems you have when you want to create a traditional HTML django site (i.e not ...

I want to help you the best I can during COVID-19
Many PyImageSearch readers (myself included) are quarantined or displaced from their work, school, ...

Design Optimization with Ax in Python

⚙️ Projects

doccano / doccano
Open source text annotation tool for machine learning practitioner.

PyTorchLightning / pytorch-lightning
The lightweight PyTorch wrapper for ML researchers. Scale your models. Write less boilerplate

mingrammer / diagrams
🎨 Diagram as Code for prototyping cloud system architectures

chineseocr / chineseocr

ycm-core / YouCompleteMe
A code-completion engine for Vim

đź‘ľ Reddits

Coronavirus tweet locator real-time

Elastic Cube

Really simple simulation of virus spreading. Black dots are people, yellow dots are infected (it starts from 1). Each cell visited by an infected can infect other people passing through that for 3 iterations. After 20 iterations a person is infected is deleted from the grid.

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