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Antivirus Evasion with Python

Document Your Python Code Without Writing Documentation

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, the Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python on EdX is a free MIT course starting Jan 22 and open for enrollment.

A tour of the top 5 sorting algorithms with Python code

Stop Using Lists for Everything in Python
An introduction to tuples and sets

đź“– Articles

How To Create A Chatbot with Python & Deep Learning In Less Than An Hour
Obviously don’t expect it to…

Hypermodern Python
A guide to modern Python tooling with a focus on simplicity and minimalism. This…

Statistical and Visual Exploratory Data Analysis with One Line of Code
Example with NASA dataset

Top features of Pandas 1.0
New improvements you can start using today

3 Python list comprehension tricks you might not know yet
List comprehensions aren’t just for lists

Why we’re writing machine learning infrastructure in Go, not Python
Production machine learning is about more than just algorithms

Minimal Pandas Subset for Data Scientists on GPU
How to use Pandas on GPU?

Data Science Crash Course
Let’s learn Data Science in 2020

Ultimate Setup for Your Next Python Project
Starting any project from scratch can be a daunting task……

How does Python work?

A Practical Guide to Feature Engineering in Python
Learn the underlying techniques and tools for…

Automate Boring Tasks With Your Own Functions
Automating tasks with Python is easy. Once you have a…

Five Cool Python Libraries for Data Science
Handy Python libraries for data science

Pandas tips that will save you hours of head-scratching
Making your Data Analysis experiments…

Atomic lock-free counters in Python
At Datadog, we're really into metrics. We love them, we store them, but we also generate them. To ...

Four Useful Functions For Exploring Data in Python
Exploring and Visualizing Data in Python

Hands-on with Feature Selection Techniques: An Introduction
Part 1: The basics of feature selection

5 Gotchas With Pandas
Doing Data Analysis with pandas is pretty straightforward… until it is NOT! In…

Master Features Engineering in 5 Minutes A Day (Part 1)
Most techniques that you need to improve the…

Write Better Stories with this Python Tool
Using the power of programming to write better and improve…

Part 1: Will Streamlit kill off Flask?

Does Python Have Constants?
Can you define non-changing values?

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-01-12

Self Publishing a Technical Book in 2020

⚙️ Projects

marblexu / PythonPlantsVsZombies
a simple PlantsVsZombies game

A3M4 / YouTube-Report
đź“Š Generate a personal YouTube report from your Google Takeout data

NVlabs / stylegan2
StyleGAN2 - Official TensorFlow Implementation

đź‘ľ Reddits

I made an Instagram Bot that downloads any video post you send to him and sends it back to you as mp4. Source Code will follow later

Python Sorting Algorithm Visualizer (Using Cocktail Shaker Sort Algorithm)

Visualizing Bubble Sort

I wrote a little python package to render images as continuous lines with varying thicknesses using matplotlib

I made a gravity simulation

A* path finding algorithm visualizer written in pygame -

Visualisation of different path finding algorithms

I like how simple python + pygame is. Less than 60 minutes of playing around with it and I can jump around. The code is a bit messed up...

Sudoku App

Got bored at lunch at school and made this đź‘€

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