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đź’– Most Popular

Over 150 of the Best Machine Learning, NLP, and Python Tutorials I’ve Found

How to be fancy with Python
Python tricks that will make your life easier

opencv / open_model_zoo
Pre-trained Deep Learning models and samples (high quality and extremely fast)

Reshaping numpy arrays in Python — a step-by-step pictorial tutorial
This tutorial and cheatsheet…

Stop Using Square Bracket Notation to Get a Dictionary’s Value in Python
Go beyond the traditional…

đź“– Articles

How I Built and Deployed My First Web Application with Django in 5 Weeks
Tips for first-time Python…

Web Scraping 101 in Python
Web scraping is an effective way to build or add to your data sets. Here’s…

4 NumPy Tricks Every Python Beginner should Learn
Tricks for writing readable codes

Introduction to Functional Programming in Python
Time to roll up our sleeves and get started

Building my 2020 reading list with a simple Python script
Using Requests and BeautifulSoup, I…

Learn Metaflow in 10 mins — Netflix’s Python/R Framework for Data Science
Spend more time modeling…

Towards python 3.8

4 Steps to Break Into Data Science in 2020
Go from 0 to Junior Data Scientist in 1 year

Introduction to Git Data Extraction and Analysis in Python
Extraction of Git data from Github REST API…

String Validators in Python
A short guide of handy shortcuts

Introduction to Priority Queues in Python
Learn to handle VIP data

Decorating functions in Python
What is a high-order function?

How To Iterate Over Two (or More) Lists at the Same Time
Use zip() instead of manually iterating over…

Extracting Feature Importances from Scikit-Learn Pipelines
A simple way to evaluate feature…

Python Efficiency Tips: Old and New Tricks for the Aspiring Pythonista
Faster Python Code

Robot development with Jupyter
This post shows available tools to build browser based, advanced…

Streaming scikit-learn with PySpark
Chapter 8 excerpt of Data Science in Production

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2019-12-29

Decision Tree Algorithm — Explained
All you need to know about Decision Trees and how to build and…

Visualizing Bike Mobility in London using Interactive Maps and Animations
Exploring data visualization…

⚙️ Projects

Netflix / metaflow
Build and manage real-life data science projects with ease.

freqtrade / freqtrade
Free, open source crypto trading bot

kkroening / ffmpeg-python
Python bindings for FFmpeg - with complex filtering support

đź‘ľ Reddits

Real time audio visualizer with matplotlib

I made a script that turns images into ASCII art

Tkinter Youtube Downloader |project I've been working on for a week.

Malicious library in PyPi present for almost a year. Recommend all projects using the package index check dependencies

Today is the last day of Python 2 support!

for python2

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