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How I built a spreadsheet app with Python to make data science easier

Learn how to create beautiful and insightful charts with Python — the Quick, the Pretty, and the

5 smart Python NumPy functions
Elegant NumPy functions for neat programming

Algorithmic trading based on mean-variance optimization in Python
Learn how to create and implement…

I made a Python Node editing IDE and it has saved me hours in development time and made my code ridiculously reusable

đź“– Articles

Binning Data with Pandas qcut and cut
Introduction When dealing with continuous numeric data, it is often helpful to bin the data ...

Docker + Jupyter for Machine Learning in 1 Minute
In this post, I will show you how to set up a…

IPython Notebook Support is Finally Here for Visual Studio Code

3 Pandas Functions You Should Be Using More Often
Stop reinventing the wheel. Seriously.

Algorithmic trading based on Technical Analysis in Python
Learn how to create and implement trading…

Feature Selection and Dimensionality Reduction Using Covariance Matrix Plot
This article will discuss…

10 Great Articles On Python Development

Data Science Best Practices: Python Environments

Pros and Cons of Django as a web framework for Python developers
Django describes itself as “the web…

How to build a DIY deep learning framework in NumPy
Understanding the fine details of neural nets by…

Deep Learning on Dataframes with PyTorch
Simple and easy to adapt framework for training a PyTorch…

Airbnb Price Prediction Using Linear Regression (Scikit-Learn and StatsModels)
What dictates Airbnb…

Building Machine Learning Apps with Streamlit

FastSpark: A New Fast Native Implementation of Spark from Scratch

Python at Scale: Strict Modules

Codecademy or Pluralsight? Which is a better Platform to learn Coding Skills?
It’s important because…

Getting more value from the Pandas’ value_counts()
Five ways to effectively use the value_counts()…

PyCon 2019 Experience

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2019-10-20

Unleashing the power of Walrus operator in Python 3.8

⚙️ Projects

microsoft / c9-python-getting-started
Sample code for Channel 9 Python for Beginners course

dmlc / dgl
Python package built to ease deep learning on graph, on top of existing DL frameworks.

openai / mujoco-py
MuJoCo is a physics engine for detailed, efficient rigid body simulations with contacts. mujoco-py allows using MuJoCo from Python 3.

anishathalye / neural-style
Neural style in TensorFlow! 🎨

pypa / pip
The Python package installer

openai / multi-agent-emergence-environments
Environment generation code for the paper "Emergent Tool Use From Multi-Agent Autocurricula"

aio-libs / aiohttp
Asynchronous HTTP client/server framework for asyncio and Python

ahmetb / kubectl-aliases
Programmatically generated handy kubectl aliases.

đź‘ľ Reddits

Just finished programming and building my own smart mirror in python, wrote all of the code myself and implemented my own voice control and facial recognition features

Matplotlib can create plots in the xkcd art style, so you can create plots that look hand drawn.

more than 100 scientific articles may be invalidated because scientists assumed that the output of glob.glob() is sorted

We created a ready-to-run admin panel framework operating on a API-based plugin! What do you think? (Jet Admin)

I made a bar chart of the most used emojis of 3 months Whatsapp discussion (with GF) with matplotlib

Here is my progress so far on my python game engine for the terminal, after almost a month of work. It can convert pictures and make animations, move sprites, move and animate ascii art, display sprites with layer effect, transparency and so on... I plan on releasing it's source code in a month.

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