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Just made a Python app to convert thousands of my photos to a travel log of all places I ever visited (in Google Maps and MS Excel format)

20 Python Snippets You Should Learn Today
Some tips and tricks to help you code faster

Complete Guide to Imports in Python: Absolute, Relative, and More
Importing is not only a matter of using external libraries, but it also allows you to keep your ...

Why Everybody Should Learn Python in 2020?
Jobs, Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation, and 10

Deploy a machine learning model using flask

📖 Articles

Top Python Libraries Used In Data Science

Understanding Aggregation Method in Spark

Vectorisation: How to speed up your Machine Learning algorithm by x78 times faster

Programming Skills, A Complete Roadmap for Learning Data Science — Part 1

Easier Web-Scraping in Python
Targeting just the data you want

Get your computer ready for machine learning: How, what and why you should use Anaconda, Miniconda and Conda

Image Scraping with Python
A code-along guide to learn how to

Building and scaling a Data Science environment

An Introduction to Python Counter
Studying the python counter class in detail

The Easy Guide to Python Command Line Arguments 😎

Tutorial: Getting Music Data with the API using Python
APIs allow us to make requests from servers to retrieve data. APIs are useful for many things, but ...

The Pitfalls of Linear Regression and How to Avoid Them
What to Do When the Linear Regression

The Numbers, They Lie
It’s October, and we’re all getting ready for Halloween, so allow me to me tell you a horror story, ...

Concurrent Scalping Algo Using Async Python

Python and fast HTTP clients
Nowadays, it is more than likely that you will have to write an HTTP client for your application ...

Cat, Dog, or Elon Musk?

Cocos-BCX C++/Python SDKs is Now Open Sourced

Deploying a React App on Heroku: the Python perspective
How to deploy a React frontend paired with a

Yeni BaƟlayanlar için Makine Öğrenmesi Algoritmaları

⚙ Projects

odoo / odoo
Odoo. Open Source Apps To Grow Your Business.

openai / gym
A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms.

OWASP / CheatSheetSeries
The OWASP Cheat Sheet Series was created to provide a concise collection of high value information on specific application security topics.

nuno-faria / tiler
đŸ‘· Build images with images

astooke / rlpyt
Reinforcement Learning in PyTorch

đŸ‘Ÿ Reddits

[OC] I made a simple bulk file renamer with Python3 and Tkinter :)

Announcing Support for Native Editing of Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code | Python

Playing Flappy Bird with Mixed Integer Programming

Updated gravitational potential field simulation. [OC] Link for code:

I agree with this, so much.

I made a short game for a game jam with python and pygame

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